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Contact Lenses are worn for various reasons. Whether you prefer your look without glasses or are more comfortable playing sports without specs getting in the way, the majority of spectacle-wearers will have found themselves going for contact lenses at one point or another. Truth is, contact lenses have come a long way and even if you have tried contact lenses in the past and didn’t get on with it, try again!

The high moisture content in lenses such as Acuvue Moist and new materials that let air in, make wearing contact lenses a lot more comfortable. More recently manufacturers have brought multi focal and bifocal contact lenses to the market. If you are not sure which lenses are right for you, come and see us in store for a contact lens fitting.

Call us on 020 8731 9999 to arrange a contact lens fitting or if you wish to order a contact lens not featured on our website.

Contact lenses have come a long way and at Gavzey Opticians in North West London, we pride ourselves at being expert contact lens fitters with patients travelling vast distances to come and see us.

With new cutting edge technologies, contact lenses are constantly evolving and we find more and more people are able to wear them comfortably. Those patients with very dry or sensitive eyes have struggled for years to find a suitable lens and many had resigned themselves to wearing glasses. Some turned to laser eye surgery, but for many, this is not something they would consider.

That’s where CRT comes in. CRT is part of the Orthokeratology (also known as Ortho K) lens family. You fit a special contact lens in your eye every night and it corrects your vision while you sleep. In the morning you remove them and enjoy perfect vision, thus avoiding the dry, gritty feeling in your eyes. Sounds like a miracle? See what some of our patients have to say about it.

Whatever your need, we are here to help you achieve excellent vison and comfort. We are official suppliers of Mark Ennovy contact lenses, the first custom made contact lenses, as well as the brand new Alcon Dailies Total 1, the most comfortable contact lens on the market.

Contact Lens Brands

There are many brands of contact lenses on the market and the choice can be confusing. Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue range is a market leader and the preferred choice for many. However, there are lesser known companies who offer excellent products at excellent prices.

Whatever your needs and budget, we are determined to help you find the right choice. Call us on 020 8731 9999 to arrange a contact lens fitting or if you wish to order a contact lens not featured on our website.


Johnson & Johnson have revolutionized the vision correction industry with the invention of Acuvue brand of Contact Lenses, the world’s first soft disposable contact lenses.

• Today,Acuvue disposable Contact Lenses remain the number one brand in the world

• Acuvue lensesare worn by more people globally than any other contact lenses

• Acuvue lensesprovide an outstanding range of contact lens options to meet the visual needs

• Acuvuerange includes – 1 Day Acuvue, Acuvue Oasys, 1 Day Acuvue Moist and Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism

• Johnson & Johnsonmake Dailies, Monthlies and Toric contact lenses, which are both reliable and cost effective.

Bausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb is the trusted leader in eye health with a 154 year heritage.

Bausch & Lomboffers soft contact lens choices for almost every type of vision correction, so more people can wear them, including those with astigmatism or presbyopia

Bausch & LombPureVision® offers enhanced optics, providing exceptional clarity regardless of your vision correction needs

SofLens® daily disposablesis a new generation of contact lens that offers high definition vision, all day comfort and easy handling

Bausch & Lomboffers a large portfolio of lenses including Daily, Monthly, Toric and Continious Wear contact lenses.


Alcon is committed to the research and development of innovative products.

Alcon have produced lenses such as Night & Day, a high-oxygen extended wear contact lens, Focus Dailies, a daily disposable contact lens, and Focus Daily Progressives, a daily disposable multi-focal contact lens for people with presbyopia

Alcon is also the world’s leading provider of cosmetic and coloured contact lenses to change and enhance eye colour. With products like FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses, that feature a patented, three-in-one colour burst pattern, Alcon is enabling consumers to change, enhance or illuminate their appearance with the subtle, natural depth of beautiful eyes

Alcon offers high quality contact lenses and lens care.

Cooper Vision

A contact lens pioneer for decades, Cooper Vision has become the fourth-largest contact lens maker in the world.

Cooper Vision offers some of the most respected brands and most advanced lenses in the industry, including Frequency 55 Aspheric lenses

Cooper Vision makes many of the most advanced contact lenses available. Cooper Vision concentrates on all day wearing comfort in the widest variety of lens designs, materials and wearing options

Whether you need Dailies, Monthlies, Coloured or Toric contact lenses, Cooper Vision should have the right lens for you.


Varifocal contact lenses are an ideal solution for people with presbyopia (inability to focus sharply for near vision).

Varifocal contact lensescater for both long and short sight

These contact lenses give you clear vision at all distances so you can read or drive without having to change your contact lenses

These lenses are a comfortable, effective alternative to wearing glasses

Varifocal contact lensesrange includes – Acuvue Bifocal, Purevision Multifocal, Focus Daily Progressives

Thecontact lenses are also available in Monthly and Daily wear options.

Daily Contact Lenses

Daily disposal contact lenses offer a healthy and convenient way to wear contact lenses.

Wear a fresh pair ofcontact lenses each day, and then throw them away

They give you ultimate convenience and ideal for occasional wear

No solutions needed, and therefore are ideal for people with solution allergies

Daily contact lensesoffer a hassle-free alternative to your glasses

Daily disposable contact lensesrange includes Focus dailies, Acuvue and 1 Day Soflens

Also available in Coloured daily lenses, Toric daily lenses andVarifocal daily lenses.

Extended Wear

Extended wear contact lenses differ from other types of contact lenses. They are worn continously, day and night and ensure you have clear vision round the clock. This is great if you are a busy individual, who simply doesn’t want to bother with contact lenses every morning or for people who work night shifts.

Some of these lenses can be worn upto 30 days. However, before wearing extended wear contact lenses it’s imperative to discuss your options with your contact lens specialist, who can advise you what is best for your eyes.

Monthly Contact Lenses

Monthly disposable contact lenses are designed to be worn as daily wear but removed at night and replaced after one month with a fresh pair of lenses. A comfortable, cost-effective option.

Monthly disposable contact lenses are available in toric, bifocal and coloured versions.

They include all the major brands such as Johnson and Johnson, Coopervision, Bausch and Lomb and Ciba Vision

Monthliesinclude – AirOptix (O2 Optix), SofLens 38, Frequency 55 and Biomedics 55.

Monthly Disposable Torics

Toric contact lenses are made from the same materials as regular contact lenses. The difference is in the design of the contact lens.

Toric contact lensesare designed for people with astigmatism

The new design of Toric lenses not only correct your vision to a very high standard, but also provide superb comfort and stable vision

These contact lenses are also available in Dailies, 2 weekly and continuous wear options.

Silicone Hydrogel

The greatest advantage Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses offer, is the fact that they allow much greater levels of oxygen to permeate to the cornea. This translates to better eye health, with reduction of redness, dryness and discomfort.

These new materials have been formulated with more sensitive eyes in mind. So while you may have previously tried to wear contact lenses without success, silicone hydrogel contact lenses hold promise even for those afflicted with dry and sensitive eyes.

Two Weekly Disposable

Two weekly contact lenses combine the pros of daily and monthly contact lenses. They are more hygienic than monthlies but are more affordable than dailies.