Your questions

Some frequently asked questions from our customers

+ - Why do I need a regular Eye Exam every year or two?

Eyes generally do not let you know when something is not right. The changes can be so gradual that you would not even notice. Eye Exams are also not only to see whether you need glasses or a change of prescription. They are very useful tools for diagnosing other health problems such as glaucoma and diabetes at an early stage.

+ - I am diabetic but my eyesight hasn’t changed, why do I need to have a yearly Eye Exam?

Diabetes can affect the tiny blood vessels in your eye and the optometrist can look for these early signs before they damage your vision.

+ - How old does my child need to be for an Eye Exam?

Your child may not be able to tell you there is something not right with their vision. They may not even realise.

They may have perfectly normal vision, but you want that reassurance

If you are worried about the vision of your child you can schedule an appointment at any age. We have patients under the age of one.

The usual time to start regular eyes tests would be around age 3 when children are starting nursery. It is very important to make sure your child has their eyes tested as poor eyesight can affect their progress at school. Children should have a yearly eye test.

+ - I have tried wearing contact lenses a few years ago but did not get on with them, any chance I could wear them now?

Contact lenses have improved greatly which means that many people who previously could not tolerate them are now happy contact lens wearers. The best way to find out which lens is best for you is to try the latest lenses available. Why not book an appointment?

+ - Can I purchase contact lenses with an expired prescription?

UK law requires contact lens wearers to have a valid, in date, contact lens specification to purchase contact lenses, both in store and online. We recommend a contact lens appointment every 6-12 months, depending on your individual needs, as well as a full eye examination once a year.

Contact lens specifications are only valid for a year so be sure to allow enough time to make an appointment before you run out of contact lenses.

+ - Why can I not use my spectacle prescription to buy contact lenses?

Your spectacle prescription is different from your contact lens prescription and therefore cannot be used to purchase contact lenses.

+ - My contact lenses are irritating my eye, what should I do?

When in doubt, take them out! Discomfort can be caused by many factors such as deposits on the contact lens, dry eyes or changes in your eyes. It is therefore best to make an appointment to check that everything is fine.

+ - Need some help with putting contact lenses on or removing them?

Watch this short video to remind you what to do! Just remember, good hygiene is imperative to avoid infections, so be sure to wash and dry your hands well before handling contact lenses.

Click here to watch the video.

+ - Why do I need an up to date pair of glasses even if I wear contact lenses all day?

On occasion your eyes may feel irritated or be infected and you will need a pair of glasses to wear. Not having a pair of spectacles will tempt you to wear your contact lenses even when you shouldn’t and hence risk the health of your eyes.

+ - Is Myopia Control the same as Myopia Management?

Yes, they are the same. We use the phase Myopia Management in this revolutionary intervention for your child.

Please contact us and one of our expert advisors will be able to assist.