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I feel very confident driving, because of excellent peripheral vision and exceptional clarity when wearing my new glasses.

Mrs Lyndi Katz

You do pretty cool stuff

Mason, age 4, in the testing room

Thank you for giving me such confidence after your detailed eye examination.

Ruth Isaacs

I am so pleased that I can now use such wonderful make-up. Before I couldn’t wear any type of make-up, but now I am delighted that I use eye care cosmetics from Gavzey Opticians.

Mrs E Jacobson

I have now gotten used to the glasses and find them absolutely amazing in all respects, long, mid and short distance alike. Crystal clear vision and easy negotiation between the different zones. Thank you Mr. Gavzey for a fantastic pair of glasses which makes my life so my easier!

Dr Ayelet Langer

Since meeting the Gavzeys I have had superb care and wonderful glasses. Their quality cannot be bettered.

JS.L., London

I would like to say that having my eyes tested recently was an excellent experience. The Optomertrist takes the time and effort to explain everything to you. I really appreciated that and highly recommend Simon.

Ms A Chrysanthou

I had never heard of CRT LENSES until I had a consultation at Mr Gavzey. They seemed too good to be true: A lense you put in just before going to sleep, take out when you wake up giving you 20:20 vision all day long.

How could I refuse to try them out?

Craig NW London

Excellent service, always helpful and friendly.

Trudy Kling

I can honestly say, since I have been wearing glasses for many years, this is the first time I have been completely happy with my glasses and the attention given to me.

Mrs C.G.S Hampstead Garden Suburb

Thank you very much for your continuing care and attention of my eyes. Your help is greatly valued.

S.B. NW11

Swissflex glasses are the best I have ever had – superbly fitted as always by Mr Gavzey!

Joe S, London N2

Gavzey Opticians has given fabulous eye care for my whole family for years. They are particularly kind with my 10 year old who is absolutely thrilled with her glasses and loves her check-ups!

Mrs C R, London

My eye tests are always carried out with great care and I feel confident wearing contact lenses without problems. I bring my children to Gavzey Opticians as well and highly recommend their services!

Michael Schwartz, Middlesex

My family and I have been coming to Gavzey Opticians for all our eyecare for many years. We would definitely recommend the excellent service throughout.

Carolyn Klaus, London

Thank you so much for my new, very effective, prescription. All the pairs of specs complete the good work of my recent cataract ops with Mr Mitry. The mid-vision lenses have corrected beautifully the increasing difficulty I was experiencing with music-reading at the piano. I am very grateful, as that area in particular was causing me some sadness!

J.H., London