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We have partnered up with the Hearing Care Centre to offer you more in house healthcare options.   You can now have your ears looked after at our practice.

Have you been told you have selective hearing ?

Does speech sound mumbled or lack definition?

Does background noise interfere with enjoying the conversation ?

Is your partner frustrated with needing to repeat themselves?

Do you have tinnitus (hissing or buzzing in your ears?)

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, book your FREE assessment here.

Meet your audiologist
Candice graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa with a degree in Speech Therapy and Audiology. Her dual qualification gave her insight into the impact of hearing and communication loss on individuals and their loved ones.

“I embarked on a journey travelling through South America and eventually my work brought me to London. I have worked in the NHS and private sector; in adult and paediatric audiology, in London since living in the UK. I have gained valuable skills and experiences working in these varied fields over the last few years.

I joined the Hearing Care Partnership as I have finally found a team who share the same patient-centred focus as I do. I am passionate about providing the best hearing care and helping my patients to hear and communicate as best as they can. 

Outside of work I love travelling, photography, being in nature and spending time with my friends and family