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Wearing a face mask is not the most comfortable for anyone, but if you wear glasses too and can’t see out of them most of the time, you know exactly what we are talking about when we tell you we have the solution to fogged up lenses!


Shamir rose to the challenge and produced a lens with anti-fog properties.


With face masks here to stay for the interim, make sure your vision is as sharp as ever.


Who benefits from Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog?

Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog is suitable for anyone who regularly experiences rear lens surface fogging, including:


• Anyone who wears masks with glasses (sunglasses and eyewear)
• Medical teams that are required to wear a mask for long hours
• Those engaged in sports, both indoors and outdoors
• Work that involves strenuous activity
• Professions where safety glasses are required


For additional lens protection, we recommend combining Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog with one of Shamir’s advanced Glacier Plus coatings or Power Mirrors on the front surface of the lens.


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